Providing comprehensive and effective treatment and management of all emergency patients, the emergency clinic works to save the patient's life and normalize the patient's condition in a short period of time through accurate diagnosis as well as immediate and prompt treatment of acute illness or injury.

Equipped with the latest equipment and facilities, the emergency clinic offers quality medical care for all patients around the clock with close links to all other departments. Also, by establishing a close connection with 119 and other medical institutions, the clinic is playing its part in contributing to forming the region's emergency medicine network.


Seung-cheol Lee : Trauma, drug addiction

Jeong-hun Lee : Patient care, specializing in cardiac resuscitation

Jun-seok Seo : Emergency intensive care medicine, resuscitation medicine, medical informatics

Han-ho Doh : Emergency medicine, resuscitation medicine, emergency neuroimaging

Jae-seong Kim : Emergency medicine, critical care medicine

Sang-Hun Lee : Emergency medicine