The anesthesiology and pain clinic is striving to provide our patients with the best medical service available through the administration of general anesthesia, critical care, emergency patient resuscitation and management of acute and chronic pain.

Equipped with the latest anesthesia device and monitors, the clinic provides inpatient anesthesia, day surgery anesthesia, intensive care anesthesia and organ transplant anesthesia. With a team of 7 skilled specialists collaborating with residents and nurses, safe anesthesia is ensured with the treatment of acute and chronic pain including postoperative pain, cancer pain and labor pain control.

Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center is conducting research on the quickly aging society, environmental pollution, excessive nutrition and lack of exercise so that the patients who go through surgery for these reasons can safety return to the society with restored health.


Heon Jo : Critical care, cranial anesthesia

Yun-seok Lee : Head and neck surgery anesthesia, cranial nerve anesthesia, and medical statistics

Jun-gwon Choi : Cardiopulmonary vascular anesthesia

Kyeong-ok Kim : Obstetric, gynecological anesthesia

Jun-yong In : Localized anesthesia

Seung-hyeon Jeong : Pediatrics, Pediatric anesthesia

Jeong-hyeok Lee : Cranial nerve anesthesia

Ki-hyug Kwon : Pain medicine, general anesthesia