Early detection and precise treatment with the latest equipment can increase the cure rate of cancer.
When early detection of cancer is made using the latest diagnostic equipment available at the clinic such as the PET-CT, the disease is effectively cured with 5 mm resolution MLC high-precision radiation therapy including linear accelerator, advanced CT simulation and computer treatment planning system.

Specifically, cancer cells are eradicated by irradiating a high dose of radiation to the tumor while leaving the normal tissues undamaged through the use of three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy.

In order to improve the cure rate, oncologists from various areas of specialization work closely in a team using surgery, drug therapy and radiation therapy to treat cancer.

In addition, the clinic uses the hospital's new radiosurgery system to perform neurosurgery with irradiation alone without using a scalpel. Such surgical method is applicable for treating various benign, malignant tumors, in addition to cerebral vascular malformations and trigeminal neuralgia.


Hyeong-geun Yun : Radiation oncology, radiation surgery