The pathology center at Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center offers fast and accurate diagnosis based on the latest examination equipment, up-to-date medical knowledge and excellent medical staff. Also, the center supports research and academic symposiums for the development of medicine.

- Tissue (surgical) pathology
A patient's disease is diagnosed by observing tissue samples obtained by surgery or biopsy (endoscopy, interventional imaging procedures and various biopsy) under a microscope or by visual inspection. In case a rapid diagnosis is required during surgery, a frozen biopsy is performed to provide important information.

- Cytopathology
Cytopathology is divided into fluid examination (urine, sputum, ascites, pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, bile, breast milk, etc.), fine needle aspiration biopsy (needle stabbing breast tumors, thyroid tumors, and cells harvested) and cervical vaginal smear. Harvested cells are plated on glass slides, stained and observed under the microscope for disease diagnosis.

- Special Pathology
1. Immunohistochemical examination: A method of examination using antigen-antibody reaction to check for the presence or the absence of a specific antigen within a tissue in order to classify the type and origin of cancer cells in neoplastic disease This method is very useful in determining prognosis and treatment planning.
2. Immunofluorescence: Used in disease diagnosis by checking for the immune complex deposition in the kidney and skin disease.
3. Fluorescent in situ hybridization: Also used on Herceptin to plan the treatment for breast cancer, this method tests for the amplification or the defect of a particular chromosome using fluorescence.
4. Molecular pathology tests: DNA information obtained from patient's cells or tissues are analyzed to check for genetic abnormalities or abnormal protein expression.


Uh-Jin Kim : cardiovascular pathology, neuropathology, bone and soft tissue pathology, molecular pathology

Kang-Min Han : skin pathology, renal pathology, urogenital pathology, breast pathology

Min-jeong Song : gynecopathology, pulmomary pathology, hematolymphoid pathology, endocrine pathology, cytopathology