The field of rehabilitation medicine is subdivided into 3 categories: musculoskeletal medicine, cranial nerve rehabilitation and electrical diagnostics.
First, the division of musculoskeletal medicine includes the treatment for pain and dysfunction due to musculoskeletal disorders of the spine or extremities and performs all conservative therapies, except for surgical procedures, such as medication, injections, physical therapy, exercise therapy and orthotics. Second, the cranial nerve rehabilitation promotes improved quality of life and minimizes the degree of impairment through the treatment of motor dysfunction and complications caused by strokes, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, peripheral neuritis and muscle diseases. Lastly, the division of electric diagnostics uses EMG to diagnose neuromuscular diseases.

Specifically, the rehabilitation center at Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center aims to provide a differentiated service through an interdisciplinary treatment system of clinical and Oriental medicine for nervous system disorders such as strokes and musculoskeletal diseases. For this, the center is operating an EMG and ultrasound room with the latest equipment in addition to the operation of an adult exercise therapy room, movement analysis room, pediatric exercise therapy room, aqua therapy room, thermoelectric care unit, adult occupational therapy room, pediatric occupational therapy room, daily living activities analysis room, rehabilitation language laboratory and social services room for professional rehabilitation service.


Beom-sun Gwon : Cerebral palsy, brain injury rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, rehabilitation, EMG (muscle pain, spasticity clinic)

Jin-wu Park : Elderly rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, sports medicine, shoulder and knee pain, dysphagia (swallowing disorders clinic)

Ho-jun Lee : Spinal cord injury rehabilitation, spinal disorders (low back pain), brain damage, disease, and cardiac rehabilitation (lymphedema swelling clinic)

Ki-yeon Nam : Breast cancer rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema, sports clinics