Laboratory medicine makes diagnosis, treatment and prognosis possible through the observation of samples obtained from patients from blood, urine, sputum and various bodily fluids.

With the automation and computerized results processing of laboratory tests, the center is contributing to maximizing the efficiency of patient care with quick and accurate test results. In addition, abnormal test results are reported in real-time to the primary care physician via SMS.

For the improvement and management of quality, all tests undergo internal inspection for quality control as well as external quality control by the nation's leading institution maintaining top score.

All results from emergency tests are reported within 1 hour and the outpatient waiting time is reduced for quick and efficient treatment process.


Seok-rae Chae : Diagnostic blood and clinical chemistry

Hee-jin Heo : Diagnostic blood, genetic and molecular diagnostics

Jae-wu Jeong : Clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine