Various diseases that occur on the face show similar symptoms as other similar conditions, so making a diagnosis is difficult. For the same diseases, differences may exist due to individual differences or environmental differences. Skin diseases are easily overlooked and not properly treated by unprofessional personnel. In particular, chronic conditions such as atopic dermatitis and vitiligo require continuous treatment and education by a professional whereas allergic skin diseases can be effectively treated only after an accurate diagnosis by a professional.

Based on many years of experience and clinical knowledge, the skin care clinic at Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center is committed to help the patients with scientific diagnosis and treatments.

Main Treatment Target

Main Treatment Target
<Specialized clinics>
- Atopic dermatitis clinic
- Vitiligo clinic
- Rash clinic
- Allergic contact dermatitis clinic


Ae-yeong Lee : Vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and rashes (vitiligo clinic, atopic dermatitis clinic)

Seung-ho Lee : Hair disorders, acne, laser, warts, common skin diseases (athlete's foot, psoriasis) (hair clinic, acne clinic, laser clinic)

Jong-Soo Hong : Skin cancer(photodynamic therapy), Scar(laser treatment), Psoriasis(phototherapy), General skin disease